Customer service

Amazon free shipping provided poor customer experience

  I ordered a cable modem from Amazon, using the free shipping option. I’m not a Prime member, as I only order a few items from Amazon per year. The free shipping option provided a whopping six-day delivery window. I took this risk, assuming that the large window allows for shipping delays by the carrier…

iOS devices

iPod nano and shuffle discontinued

  Apple discontinued the iPod nano and iPod shuffle today. This leaves the Apple Watch as the tiny music player in Apple’s product lineup. The Watch may be a suitable replacement, but there’s one aspect of the shuffle that made it the ideal exercise companion. It has big physical buttons. The buttons make it easy…

Applications macOS Server

Mac calendar share vs. delegate

If you’re using the Mac’s native calendar application with certain CalDAV servers (such as the service that comes with MacOS Server), end users can share and delegate their calendars. Here are the differences between these options: Sharing a calendar allows you to give users either read or read/write access to your calendar. A calendar can…


Home sharing not working on Apple TV 4th generation

  I enjoy streaming my iTunes music library to my Apple TVs (and connected speaker systems.) On my 4th generation Apple TV, the home sharing feature frequently can’t find the music library on my Mac. The Apple TV insists that iTunes Home Sharing needs to be turned on. It’s on Apple, it’s on! Apple has…

Mac hardware

Thoughts on the iMac Pro

  The recently announced iMac Pro is a beast of a machine. That said, it seems like a very niche model that won’t move Apple’s revenue needle in any appreciable way. While the machine is geared for professional graphics users, I don’t foresee most graphics/CGI shops buying these. For one, companies would expect to get many years of…


Backup strategy for Mac ransomware

  Macs are not immune to ransomware. The first functional Mac ransomware was found in the wild last year. A good backup strategy is critical if you’re hit with this type of malware. Mac ransomware will grow more sophisticated over time. With this in mind, here are a few tips: Assume that any connected backup drive…

Product reviews

DirecTV Now review

  Review updated below I’ll cut to the chase. DirecTV Now is a train wreck. AT&T had every opportunity to make this a great service, but apparently felt that holiday sales were more important than satisfied customers. In essence, I paid to become a beta tester of the service. Not cool AT&T, not cool. I’ve…

Product reviews

Apple TV 4th generation review

  DirecTV Now is currently giving away an Apple TV (32 GB) when prepaying for three months of service. I took advantage of this offer. I’ve enjoyed the Apple TV 3 for a few years. While it’s not incredibly powerful and has relatively few channels, it has a fantastic user interface. It’s responsive and very simple…

macOS Server Security

Alternatives to Profile Manager for Macs

  Apple’s Profile Manager is an example of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. Despite the “mobile” designation, many MDM systems can manage desktop computers. The Profile Manager is no exception. It can be used to centrally configure and lock down Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. While there are a huge number of MDM vendors for iOS devices,…


Apple Airport development team disbanded

  It came as a great surprise to me that Apple has reportedly disbanded its Airport engineering team. This is an unfortunate development, as the Airport and Time Capsule devices offered seamless interoperability with Macs and iOS devices. Configuration of Apple’s routers has always been a piece of cake using the Airport Utility. Anyone who has configured…