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One week with Mojave


I’ve been using Mojave for a week and I’m still impressed. It’s a very stable operating system. While the core OS has been working well, I’ve encountered third-party compatibility issues.

  • The most serious issue is that QuickBooks for Mac 2019, which is supposed to be compatible with Mojave, crashes consistently when the customer payments window is closed. It makes the application unusable. Intuit is aware of the problem and working on it. In my opinion, this was a major QA failure on Intuit’s part. They had access to Mojave beta for months and this issue should have been obvious to testers. [Update: Intuit issued an update which fixed the issue.]
  • As I discussed in last week’s post, my old version of Little Snitch isn’t compatible with Mojave. Version 4.2 is compatible.
  • My go-to screenshot management tool has been Pixa for many years. It has lost its ability to take full window screenshots. This will never be fixed, since Pixa is no longer being sold or updated. I’m currently using LittleSnapper, a similar app, which seems to work fine under Mojave. LittleSnapper, and its updated  version called Ember, are both discontinued. Two screenshot management apps which are currently being sold are Pixave and Inboard. I will be taking a closer look at the Mojave Screenshot application to see if it meets my needs.

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