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Portable home directories and mobile user accounts with Sierra

  Apple published two articles about the state of portable home directories in Sierra: a knowledge base article about mobile user accounts and an institutional preparation guide for iOS 10 and Sierra. The takeaway is that portable home directories are no longer supported on Sierra. This means that a network home and its accompanying local home will no…

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iPhone swollen battery

  The Samsung Note 7 has been making headlines due to its exploding batteries. In fact, today Samsung officially stopped production of the model. While Apple hasn’t experienced such a spectacular PR nightmare, its batteries haven’t been immune to failure. Case in point: My iPhone 5S battery recently began to swell. I knew something was wrong when…

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NIST SP 800-179: Securing Apple OS X 10.10 Systems

  I noticed that NIST recently published the Draft Special Publication 800-179: Guide to Securing Apple OS X 10.10 Systems for IT Professionals. I’m looking forward to reading it. The public comment period is June 23 through August 15th, 2016. The authors are careful to note that the recommendations only apply to 10.10, Yosemite. (System Integrity Protection,…

macOS Security

Ditching Adobe Flash on the Mac

  While I’ve kept Flash updated religiously over the years, last month I finally reached the point where the plugin was adversely impacting my Mac Pro’s performance. So I uninstalled Flash. This rectified the stutters and I eliminated one of the Mac’s most vulnerability-plagued pieces of software. Here’s a list of vulnerabilities that have been discovered in Flash…

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Quicken for Mac 2016 Review

  Intuit recently added online bill pay to Quicken for the Mac. Finally! I bought Quicken for the Mac 2016 without hesitation, as I can now avoid the daily chore of running Quicken for Windows in a virtual machine. There are several detailed reviews of the Mac 2016 product on the web, so I’ll just give you…


iCloud Keychain vs. 1Password

  There are several password manager products available for the Mac and iOS. In this post, I’ll focus on iCloud Keychain (free) and 1Password 5 ($49.99 for the Mac app). There are other popular options, such as LastPass and Dashlane, which store your passwords in the cloud. While it’s theoretically safe to store your data encrypted in the cloud,…

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Little Snitch first impressions

I started using Little Snitch (version 3.5.1) a couple of weeks ago. It’s software firewall for the Mac, with a primary focus on outbound connections. This is also known as a reverse firewall. There are many thorough reviews of Little Snitch available on the web, so I’ll just add my impressions: This is not a…

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FaceTime microphone input bug

  Yosemite introduced a bug that impacts a relatively small group of Mac users, including myself. I use a Mac Pro with a Logitech USB webcam. Mac Pros don’t have a built-in microphone, so I use the webcam for sound input. This configuration generally works fine throughout Yosemite, except for FaceTime. There is a microphone input setting on the…

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Time Warner Cable modem rental fee part 2

  Back in 2012, I discussed Time Warner Cable’s newly instituted modem rental fee. Back then the fee was $3.95 per month. I just opened my January 2015 Time Warner bill, and it has an extra page discussing a variety of price increases. Most of the increases revolve around television programming. As the good folks at Time Warner…


Workaround for IMAP double sent messages

Ever since (formerly Hotmail) has offered IMAP, it has had an annoying bug when used with the Mac Mail application. Two copies of each message are stored in the Sent folder. The program manager acknowledged that this was due to’s SMTP server saving a copy of a message. He wrote that he’s…