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Mac on Desk

MacMaven provides on-site Mac solutions and support in NYC

MacMaven’s founder has years of experience working at large enterprises, so we know the complex challenges that businesses face. No matter the size of your business, we’ll implement cutting edge solutions and security.

Help desk

Using screen sharing technologies, we solve problems promptly and efficiently. Our help desk is friendly, patient, and resourceful. We know our clients’ systems intimately, giving you piece of mind that your team will be well taken care of.

macOS Server

We provide installation and support for macOS Server. macOS Server includes an LDAP directory for secure management of your employees’ login credentials and Profile Manager to lock down your Macs and iOS devices. We’ll also set up secure SMB file sharing.

System setup

If you have a new Mac, iPhone, or iPad, we will help you get the most out of it. We can transfer your files from other Macs or PCs, get your office e-mail up and running, and provide solutions to sync your data. We will explain how to keep your data as secure as possible.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a very popular software suite used by our clients. We can help with installation, application usage, Exchange / Outlook email, and information security.

Google G Suite

We’ll set up a robust email, calendar, and contacts solution for your office, fully integrated with your Mac and iOS devices. Office collaboration has never been so easy.

Backup solutions

We’ll recommend and install macOS data backup solutions best suited to your needs. These include local options (e.g., Time Machine, ChronoSync) and cloud-based services (e.g., CrashPlan, Backblaze).

Data recovery

Hard drive failure or accidental deletion of your files can be devastating to your business. Professional clean-room data recovery services can cost thousands of dollars. In many cases, we can recover your data for a fraction of what a clean-room recovery would cost.

Office networking

A single wi-fi base station does not always work well in larger offices. We’ll configure your network with multiple access points to blanket your office with strong wi-fi. We install enterprise-class routers, complete with remote access VPN and advanced security features.

Workflow automation

Do you waste time performing the same tasks over and over again on your Mac? Many tasks can be automated using technologies like AppleScript.

FileMaker Pro database development

Small to mid-sized businesses can often turn to FileMaker Pro for quick and elegant database solutions. We can create easy-to-use database applications, accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS devices, and the web.

Mac enterprise management

When you have hundreds of Macintosh computers in your enterprise, effective management becomes critical. We will provide solutions for MDM, remote access, and directory integration. Most importantly, we will work with your security organization to lock down the Macs in your environment.

Mobile device management (MDM)

We can provide scalable solutions to manage iPhones and iPads in your enterprise. We will configure your devices for your corporate email system and create security profiles to lock down your devices.

Information Security

We offer information security expertise covering a wide range of authentication, identity management, and anti-malware technologies. We can perform a security audit of your Mac infrastructure and assist with your regulatory requirements.

Software support

To name a few packages we support for our clients: Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, FileMaker Pro, Extensis Suitcase Fusion, ChronoSync, virtual machine hosts (VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, Parallels), QuickBooks, and 1Password.

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