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Verizon Fios installation review

I had an extremely poor experience with my Verizon Fios installation today. The best way to describe the job was careless. I did not get any apology whatsoever from the installer Leonard, even after pointing out the damage and his lack of care.

Here is a list of the damages and other issues. Keep in mind that my apartment was in mint condition prior to his arrival. Most of my wall paint is matte and non-washable. You can click on the photos to enlarge them. There is more paint damage than what I’ve photographed below.

One of the 1/2″ holes that he drilled into the side of my coat closet didn’t work out for him, so he drilled a second hole beneath it. This hole is three inches below the ceiling. You can see the results below.

Post-spackle. All black smudges were thanks to Leonard.

Leonard somehow managed to hit his drill bit on the closet ceiling. He spackled the several-inch gouge after I pointed it out to him.

About ten minutes after I asked Leonard to be careful, he carried his step stool out of my apartment. The step stool hit my door frame. When I pointed out the damage, he smiled and offered no apology.

This smudge in my hallway is kind of mind boggling. You’d almost have to go out of your way to cause this.

There is another paint scuff in my bedroom almost a foot long.

Another drill hole in my hallway was about 3/4 of an inch too wide. Leonard spackled it. You can see the results.


Leonard had keys hanging from his pants and backed them into my furniture.

Leonard put his staple gun down on my wood furniture. As Curb Your Enthusiasm fans know, you must “respect the wood.” Leonard clearly does not, nor anything else in my apartment.

Leonard placed his drill down so that its battery hit my wall. More paint damage.

Update 5/1/19: I found another scuff, below.

I informed Verizon customer service of my experience and should be receiving a call back tomorrow. Note that in addition to the damage, Leonard arrived after the scheduled two-hour installation window.

Update 5/2/19: I did not receive a call back from customer service yesterday, only an automated phone survey. I reached out to Verizon’s Twitter support, who provided Verizon’s claim phone number. I spent half an hour with Tiffany discussing my claim. She told me that I would receive a phone call from an adjuster within one to two business days.

I still want to talk with a customer support representative about the situation, so I chatted online with Ranganathan this evening. He promised that I would hear from someone tonight.

Update 5/3/19: I didn’t hear back from anyone in support last night. I called customer support and spoke with a supervisor Junior. He was helpful, understanding, and apologetic. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to address my situation because his department doesn’t handle installation issues. He said that he would email the installation department and ask for someone to call me back.

After reaching back out to the claims department, I received a voicemail from Bianca at Sedgwick Claims. (I got her call while I was leaving a message for a supervisor at Sedgwick.) I left Bianca a voicemail asking her to call me back. She never did.

I placed another call to Sedgwick and was told that Michael B. would call me. He didn’t. I also called Verizon support and spoke with Tony in Escalations. He tried, but couldn’t reach the dispatch supervisor. Someone on Verizon’s social media team said that someone in dispatch would contact me on Monday.

Update 5/9/19: I’ve had four internet outages since Fios was installed. Sedgwick is handling the claim through my landlord. I am working with a helpful Verizon employee, Melissa, who will visit my apartment to examine the job. After confirming my appointment this morning, Melissa had to cancel because one of her colleagues told her that someone who handles claims need to accompany her to my apartment.

Update 5/10/19: I’m up to the fifth Fios outage since installation. No one from Verizon called me today.

Update 5/12/19: I had my sixth Fios outage today, which lasted for a couple of minutes.

Update 5/13/19: I had my seventh Fios outage this morning, which lasted for about a minute.

Update 5/15/19: Melissa (and another Verizon employee) visited my apartment yesterday. She said Verizon’s painting contractor would fix my walls. I haven’t had an internet outage since 5/13.

Update 6/9/19: The outages were due to a faulty G1100 router. I’m using my own router and the connection is stable. On 6/3 Melissa called me to let me know that I’d be receiving a phone call from Verizon’s contractor to schedule an appointment. Later that day, the contractor showed up unannounced. He wasn’t prepared to paint, but used the visit to spackle. I’m still waiting for the contractor to schedule the paint visit.

Update 6/13/19: The saga is over. Patrick visited my apartment today and did a nice paint job.

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