2019 Apple wish list

I’m eagerly awaiting the new modular Mac Pro. I hope Apple offers a PCI expansion chassis, standard M.2 SSDs (or reasonably priced proprietary SSD cards), and standard PC graphics cards. In other words, give us outstanding hardware without crippling the expandability and gouging your customers.

New iMacs. Fusion drives and rotating drives should be omitted entirely. Startup HDDs have no place in premium-priced computers.

Face ID for Macs.

Apple should spend more money on R&D or acquisitions, and less on stock buybacks. The 2018 buybacks turned out to be a terrible investment. If Apple can’t figure out what to do with its cash hoard, increasing dividend payouts or salary increases/bonuses for its staff would have been better options.

Lower iPhone prices. When an Android phone is purchased instead of an iPhone, Apple loses on both the hardware sale and ongoing service revenue.

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