macOS Server

YubiKey smart card login with Open Directory

  Yubico sells Mac-compatible USB authentication keys for two-factor authentication. Its YubiKeys support a slew of authentication mechanisms. I just started working with their FIPS-validated key for one of my clients. Yubico’s… Read more »

Upcoming macOS Server changes

  On January 24, Apple announced that fundamental changes are coming to macOS Server in the spring 2018. The following services will be deprecated: Calendar, Contacts, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Messages,… Read more »

Mac calendar share vs. delegate

  If you’re using the Mac’s native calendar application with certain CalDAV servers (such as the service that comes with MacOS Server), end users can share and delegate their calendars…. Read more »

Alternatives to Profile Manager for Macs

  Apple’s Profile Manager is an example of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. Despite the “mobile” designation, many MDM systems can manage desktop computers. The Profile Manager is no exception. It can… Read more »

Portable home directories and mobile user accounts with Sierra

  Apple published two articles about the state of portable home directories in Sierra: a knowledge base article about mobile user accounts and an institutional preparation guide for iOS 10 and Sierra…. Read more »

OS X Server – NetInstall

  When you’re responsible for rolling out tens or hundreds of Macs in your company, an automated build process is necessary. Could you imagine having to configure each machine individually,… Read more »

VPN on OS X Server

Telecommuting has become a viable option for employees of many large companies thanks to the availability of remote access technologies. You might have heard of some of these technologies –… Read more »

OS X Server – Profile Manager

The “killer app” for the OS X Server is the Profile Manager. Apple bundles this mobile device management (MDM) service with the $50 Lion Server. It’s truly an unbelievable deal…. Read more »

OS X Server – Wiki

Did you know your business can run its own wiki? A wiki is a collaborative web site, where users can easily create web pages filled with content. Documents, pictures, tables,… Read more »

Open Directory Magic Triangle

Mid to large-size companies commonly use Active Directory to manage their Windows users and computers. When introducing Macs into a Windows environment, companies often ignore Active Directory when managing their… Read more »