Our Mac application library

MacMaven Consulting has over 400 Mac applications in our software library. We keep a library this large for several reasons: We can often solve novel problems quickly, rather than reinvent… Read more »

Parallels app bundle

Parallels is offering a Mac app bundle through February 29, 2020. It includes Parallels 15, plus: MindManager 12 1Password Families Hype 4.0 Professional Twist Roxio Toast 18 Intego Mac Internet… Read more »

Mac apps I like by independent developers

Most of my clients use the stock functionality built into macOS and applications written by major publishers, such as Adobe. That’s all well and good, but independent developers have written… Read more »

Bundlehunt Holiday Bundle

Bundlehunt is offering a wide variety of discounted Mac applications in its holiday bundle. It costs $5 to “unlock” the bundle and the applications range in price from $1 to… Read more »

One week with Mojave

  I’ve been using Mojave for a week and I’m still impressed. It’s a very stable operating system. While the core OS has been working well, I’ve encountered third-party compatibility… Read more »

Mac calendar share vs. delegate

  If you’re using the Mac’s native calendar application with certain CalDAV servers (such as the service that comes with MacOS Server), end users can share and delegate their calendars…. Read more »

Quicken for Mac 2016 Review

  Intuit recently added online bill pay to Quicken for the Mac. Finally! I bought Quicken for the Mac 2016 without hesitation, as I can now avoid the daily chore… Read more »

Workaround for IMAP double sent messages

Ever since (formerly Hotmail) has offered IMAP, it has had an annoying bug when used with the Mac Mail application. Two copies of each message are stored in the… Read more »

Google Apps for Business

  Google Apps for Business is a cost-effective solution for email, calendar, contacts, and productivity applications. All of the Google Apps are cloud-based, so you’re always using the latest version. While iCloud offers… Read more »

iTunes streaming from iCloud

Media files take up gigabytes of space on your hard drive. If you’re running out of space on your drive due to iTunes purchases, there’s a little known option to… Read more »