Mac hardware Product reviews

MX Keys for Mac review

I’ve been using the Logitech MX Keys for Mac keyboard for a few days. I’m impressed. This is a high-quality keyboard, without cost-cutting sacrifices. I paid $80 at Staples, using a $20-off coupon. The keyboard is thin, but hefty. The exterior appears to be completely plastic, but Logitech’s MX Keys web page states that the…

Customer service Product reviews

Ikea BROR review

I’m a first-time Ikea customer. This experience has been exasperating. I ordered an Ikea ALEX desk, which arrived in good condition. I can’t say the same about the BROR system. Ikea markets BROR as being suitable for living rooms and garages. The reality is that Ikea’s quality control on the BROR pieces is so bad…

macOS Product reviews

Mojave first impressions

  I took the plunge and installed macOS Mojave on my 2009 Mac Pro (with firmware hack) right after it was released. So far, so good. Here are my initial findings and thoughts: The installer required a Mac Pro firmware update to version During the installation I saw a black screen for 50 minutes,…

Home automation Product reviews

Google Home first impressions

  This holiday season, Google put a full-court press on Amazon to bring attention to its Google Home devices. Google and Walmart sold the devices at loss leader prices. This was my net price for each device, not including sales tax: Google Home: $79 sale price at Walmart – 20% Google Express app coupon –…

iOS devices Product reviews

iPhone X first impressions

  After picking up the iPhone X for the first time, I said “wow” out loud. It’s really that impressive. The near-borderless OLED screen is gorgeous and the build materials are first-class. It’s the first time I’ve used an iPhone and was blown away at the speed. The A11 Bionic chip is a screamer. Although…

Product reviews

DirecTV Now review

  Review updated below I’ll cut to the chase. DirecTV Now is a train wreck. AT&T had every opportunity to make this a great service, but apparently felt that holiday sales were more important than satisfied customers. In essence, I paid to become a beta tester of the service. Not cool AT&T, not cool. I’ve…

Product reviews

Apple TV 4th generation review

  DirecTV Now is currently giving away an Apple TV (32 GB) when prepaying for three months of service. I took advantage of this offer. I’ve enjoyed the Apple TV 3 for a few years. While it’s not incredibly powerful and has relatively few channels, it has a fantastic user interface. It’s responsive and very simple…

Applications Product reviews

Quicken for Mac 2016 Review

  Intuit recently added online bill pay to Quicken for the Mac. Finally! I bought Quicken for the Mac 2016 without hesitation, as I can now avoid the daily chore of running Quicken for Windows in a virtual machine. There are several detailed reviews of the Mac 2016 product on the web, so I’ll just give you…

Product reviews Security

Little Snitch first impressions

I started using Little Snitch (version 3.5.1) a couple of weeks ago. It’s software firewall for the Mac, with a primary focus on outbound connections. This is also known as a reverse firewall. There are many thorough reviews of Little Snitch available on the web, so I’ll just add my impressions: This is not a…

Applications Product reviews Virtualization

Parallels 8 First Impressions

Parallels Desktop 8 offers many enhancements over version 7. Most of the improvements have been covered by the various media outlets already, so this post won’t be a typical review. What I’d like to cover are some of the more esoteric issues that I discovered with Parallels 8. The first issue was particularly aggravating, but…