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Mojave first impressions


I took the plunge and installed macOS Mojave on my 2009 Mac Pro (with firmware hack) right after it was released. So far, so good. Here are my initial findings and thoughts:

  • The installer required a Mac Pro firmware update to version
  • During the installation I saw a black screen for 50 minutes, since my ATI RX 580 video card does not have EFI firmware. This was a tense 50 minutes, but Mojave started without an issue.
  • Mojave seems fast. I didn’t perform any benchmarks, but opening applications seems faster than High Sierra.
  • So far I’ve encountered one application that worked with High Sierra but isn’t compatible with Mojave, an older version of Little Snitch (3.8.2). Version 4.2 is compatible with Mojave.
  • I really like the News app. It has a beautiful user interface ported from iOS. I think I’ll be using this often. The Stocks app is visually appealing too, but I’m probably going to stick with the Notification Center stock widget.
  • My photo library updated without a hitch.
  • The desktop stacks feature is fantastic for those with a messy desktop.

I’m very impressed with this release. It seems very polished. Time will tell how well the business-oriented features work, such as SMB file sharing. Most home users who are upgrading from High Sierra will likely have a drama-free experience.

Remember to back up your system before upgrading!

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