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MX Keys for Mac review

Update 6/18/23: My MX Keys for Mac has developed the dreaded backlight looping problem, wherein the backlight automatically cycles on and off without touching it. Additionally, there is a loose screw floating around the case. These types of problems should not occur with an expensive flagship keyboard. I had an online chat with a Logitech representative about the backlight issue. There is no formal response to the issue, but he has escalated my case. I did not tell him that I’m blogging about this.

Original post:
I’ve been using the Logitech MX Keys for Mac keyboard for a few days. I’m impressed. This is a high-quality keyboard, without cost-cutting sacrifices. I paid $80 at Staples, using a $20-off coupon.

The keyboard is thin, but hefty. The exterior appears to be completely plastic, but Logitech’s MX Keys web page states that the body is a single metal plate. This is undoubtedly true, given that the keyboard is almost two pounds. Typing is buttery smooth and very quiet.

The Mac version of MX Keys has a Mac-style keyboard layout. Using the Logitech Options software, the function keys can be customized to perform a wide variety of functions. Out of the box, some of the non-Apple function keys (F16 through F19) are very useful. There are keys for opening the calculator, taking a screen shot, and locking your screen. I love being able to lock the screen with one keystroke.

The backlight is a nice addition. The backlight turns on as your hands approach the keyboard and turns off shortly after your hands move away. There is also a sensor to detect ambient light in the room. Bright daylight will disable the backlight. The backlight brightness can be adjusted using the F5 and F6 keys. (Turn the keyboard off and back on to engage automatic brightness mode.) When the keyboard is connected to the USB port, the backlight will stay on for several minutes, even with your hands away from the keyboard.

The keyboard includes a charging cable with USB Type-C at both ends. If you’re using an older Mac, you can use a USB Type-C to Type-A cable or an adapter, neither included. According to Logitech, a battery charge will last 10 days using the backlight and a whopping five months without the backlight.

For most Mac desktop users in need of a new keyboard, MX Keys for Mac is an excellent option. It’s cheaper than Apple’s Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, with much more functionality. Apple’s keyboards might make more sense in offices and schools, where the aluminum case will likely hold up better.

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