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Should I know my employees’ passwords?

  If you’re a business owner or manager, you might feel that it’s your duty to maintain a list of your employees’ passwords. After all, you might need access to… Read more »

Upcoming macOS Server changes

  On January 24, Apple announced that fundamental changes are coming to macOS Server in the spring 2018. The following services will be deprecated: Calendar, Contacts, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Messages,… Read more »

Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

  It’s now more important than ever to keep your Macs and iOS devices fully updated. Apple has addressed the Meltdown vulnerability in High Sierra 10.13.2. A supplemental update to… Read more »

Google Home first impressions

  This holiday season, Google put a full-court press on Amazon to bring attention to its Google Home devices. Google and Walmart sold the devices at loss leader prices. This… Read more »

iMac storage options

  While Apple provides solid state drives on its laptop models, the stock iMacs use slow spinning hard drives. The more expensive models include a Fusion drive, which is a… Read more »

iPhone X first impressions

  After picking up the iPhone X for the first time, I said “wow” out loud. It’s really that impressive. The near-borderless OLED screen is gorgeous and the build materials… Read more »

Two-factor authentication

  If you’ve been putting off enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your internet accounts, you shouldn’t. 2FA is one of the simplest and quickest ways to protect your online presence…. Read more »

Security Through Obscurity

  Tomorrow Apple is holding its big media event to debut the new iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the details of these products were leaked. According to John… Read more »

Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

  Setting up perfect Wi-Fi has historically been a challenge in many New York City apartments. In larger apartments, and especially pre-war apartments, the signal levels drop off precipitously in… Read more »

Amazon free shipping provided poor customer experience

  I ordered a cable modem from Amazon, using the free shipping option. I’m not a Prime member, as I only order a few items from Amazon per year. The… Read more »