macOS Sonoma impressions

  • For a “dot zero” release, Sonoma is very stable.
  • The desktop widgets are a nice addition. We should see wider adoption from app developers. (The Stocks widget failed to load upon the first boot of Sonoma. Restarting my Mac resolved the problem.)
  • So far, all my applications work, except for QuickBooks Desktop 2019. It crashes as soon as my company file opens. Intuit will not be updating versions 2019 and 2020, as they are no longer supported. I am successfully running QB 2019 in a Ventura virtual machine.
  • The predictive text entry is useful and impressive.
  • I was hoping the USB hard drive sleep bug would be fixed in Sonoma, where the drive repeatedly spins up and down. It wasn’t.
  • Screen sharing initiated using iCloud (Messages) does not connect reliably. It sometimes takes several attempts to connect to the remote user. (Update: Apple seems to have resolved this issue on its servers.)
  • Subscribed shared photo albums aren’t updating. (Update: This was resolved on the server side.)
  • Safari occasionally hangs on some web pages. In one instance this locked up my entire Mac for almost a minute.
  • My encrypted Time Machine volume sometimes doesn’t mount.
Sonoma 14.1
  • The encrypted volume issue has been resolved.
  • QuickBooks 2019 now runs without crashing.
  • Spotlight indexing never completed, so I rebuilt the index.
  • The USB drive sleep bug is still present. I gave up hope on Apple ever fixing this, so I’m using a Time Machine server hosted on my NAS.

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