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Mac apps I like by independent developers

Most of my clients use the stock functionality built into macOS and applications written by major publishers, such as Adobe. That’s all well and good, but independent developers have written… Read more »

Apple’s SMB problem

In the Mojave 10.14.5 update, Apple broke reliable SMB file sharing. Organizations found that the SMB service would stop responding after a few hours of uptime. Apple addressed this problem… Read more »

Ikea BROR review

I’m a first-time Ikea customer. This experience has been exasperating. I ordered an Ikea ALEX desk, which arrived in good condition. I can’t say the same about the BROR system…. Read more »

Verizon Fios installation review

I had an extremely poor experience with my Verizon Fios installation today. The best way to describe the job was careless. I did not get any apology whatsoever from the… Read more »

Mitigate spoofed email

You’ve probably noticed that fraudsters spoof email addresses in their phishing attacks and other scams. They are probably spoofing your company’s email addresses too, sending messages to your customers and… Read more »

How to hire a Mac tech support company

There are two questions that most of our prospective clients ask. I’ll explain the pitfalls of relying on these questions when selecting a Mac consultancy. What is your hourly rate?… Read more »

2019 Apple wish list

I’m eagerly awaiting the new modular Mac Pro. I hope Apple offers a PCI expansion chassis, standard M.2 SSDs (or reasonably priced proprietary SSD cards), and standard PC graphics cards…. Read more »

Bundlehunt Holiday Bundle

Bundlehunt is offering a wide variety of discounted Mac applications in its holiday bundle. It costs $5 to “unlock” the bundle and the applications range in price from $1 to… Read more »

APFS volumes

  APFS is Apple’s new file system, introduced in High Sierra. One of my favorite features of APFS is its partitioning mechanism. APFS volumes can be added and removed with… Read more »

YubiKey smart card login with Open Directory

  Yubico sells Mac-compatible USB authentication keys for two-factor authentication. Its YubiKeys support a slew of authentication mechanisms. I just started working with their FIPS-validated key for one of my clients. Yubico’s… Read more »