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August 2022 MacBook lineup

  • The only MacBook that’s a well-timed purchase is the 2022 M2 MacBook Air. It’s a solid choice for those who want a general use, very portable Mac. The 256 GB configuration should be avoided, due to its single storage chip. Configurations with larger storage use dual chips, allowing for much faster parallel processing.
  • I would avoid purchasing the 2020 M1 MacBook Air, unless you’re on a tight budget. This model was released almost two years ago. You could lose a year or two of macOS updates down the line. For this reason, it’s not worth the price savings in the long term.
  • The 13″ MacBook Pro is not compelling, except for a tiny minority of users. Its fan, absent in the MacBook Air, sustains peek performance when the processor is stressed. Most users with this computing need would be better off buying a 14″ MacBook Pro, even with its older chip. The 13″ MacBook Pro lacks the new screen and webcam present on the 2022 MacBook Air. The 256 GB storage caveat also applies.
  • The 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pro models are stellar for creators and those who want very fast machines. The issue with buying now is that we know the upcoming M2 versions of these Macs will have a significant speed bump. The M1 models will be one year old in October.

Deciding between the 2022 MacBook Air and the 2021 14″ MacBook Pro can be a tough decision. These videos can help.

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