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Mac calendar share vs. delegate

If you’re using the Mac’s native calendar application with certain CalDAV servers (such as the service that comes with MacOS Server), end users can share and delegate their calendars. Here are the differences between these options:

  • Sharing a calendar allows you to give users either read or read/write access to your calendar. A calendar can be shared by clicking the share icon icon next to the calendar name. The sharing option is available on a per-calendar basis. By click on each user’s name in the Shared With list, you can select View Only or View & Edit.
  • Delegation is performed at the account level, not the calendar level. When you delegate a user’s account, all of his calendars are displayed to the delegate. Delegation options are configured in the Calendar preferences. After clicking the Delegation button, click the Edit button. You’ll be able to add delegates and select whether each delegate should get write access to the calendars. Each delegate will need to check the show option for each delegator, also in the Calendar preferences panel.

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