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Panasonic Link-to-Cell Cordless Phone

Sometimes I encounter a product that isn’t related to computing, but is worth mentioning. Case in point, the Panasonic KX-TG7643 cordless phone system.

This package comes with three handsets. (There are other packages with two, four, or five handsets.) What makes this cordless phone fantastic is that it pairs with your Bluetooth devices. You can pair the Panasonic with up to two cell phones and one Bluetooth headset. Here’s how the Link-to-Cell functionality works:

  • If my cell phone is in range of the cordless phone base, I can answer or make cell phone calls using my cordless phone handset. What’s so great about that? First, using a cordless phone handset is a lot more comfortable that holding a cell phone. Second, there is a whole lot less radiation emitted by a cordless phone than a cell phone. Third, if you have cell phone dead spots in your house or office, it’s not necessarily a problem. As long as you can set your cell phone down in an area with good reception, you can then wander with your Panasonic handsets. Lastly, you can charge your cell phone while using your cordless handsets.
  • I can hand off the call off from the Panasonic handset to the cell phone, or vice versa, at any time during a conversation.
  • If I’m on a landline call, I can use my Bluetooth headset for hands-free communication.
  • I can transfer my cell phones’ phone books to the Panasonic using Bluetooth.

I got a great deal (half price!) on the KX-TG7643, since the 2012 Panasonic phone models were recently released. I can enthusiastically recommend this phone system. Not only is it feature-laden, but the sound quality is superb. When using my landline, no one can tell I’m on a cordless phone. (Of course the bar for sound quality is so low these days, with everyone using cell phones.)

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