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There are two annoyances with Apple IDs that Apple hasn’t addressed.

1. Many users have two distinct Apple IDs – one for iCloud and the other for iTunes purchases. While Apple’s software supports the use of two accounts, this isn’t desirable. It would be simpler and cleaner to have one Apple identity. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow Apple IDs to be merged.

2. For those users who created email accounts under their old Apple ID, it would be nice to be able to change the Apple ID to the address. For example, Bobby Joe created his Apple ID many years ago. He recently created the email address when setting up iCloud under his Apple ID. Now Bobby would like to change his Apple ID to Right now, he can’t. If he tries to change his Apple ID to, he’ll get an error message “You cannot create an Apple ID using a MobileMe account.”

There are rumors that Apple is working on these problems. Large organizations, such as banks, tackled these sort of identity management issues years ago. Let’s hope that Apple gets on the ball.

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