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TP-Link Kasa smart plug connection issues

I use a Kasa HS105 smart plug to control a lamp in my apartment. It’s linked with Google Assistant so I can control the lamp with my voice. I’ve used this setup for over a year without any problems.

Recently I started seeing very funky behavior from the smart plug. Sometimes the smart plug wouldn’t respond to my voice commands. Sometimes the lamp would turn off and on by itself. There are various indicators that something was wrong with the network connection. The LED on the smart plug would intermittently flash blue or glow orange. The Kasa app would frequently say local only.

When I unplugged the HS105 and plugged it back in, the issues would resolve itself. But only for a short period. So was my smart plug on the fritz? Or did something change in my environment?

After some investigating, it turns out my router was set to an odd choice of 2.4 GHz channel, 8. The router auto channel mode thought that this would be a good choice, presumably because there was little interference in this channel. As most Wi-Fi buffs know, channels 1, 6, and 11 are recommended because they don’t overlap with adjacent channels. (In NYC, there will always be interference from neighboring apartments. The goal is to minimize interference.)

When I set my router manually to one of the recommended channels, all of my Kasa problems were immediately resolved. So if you’re having Kasa problems, check your Wi-Fi settings!

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