Fixing split albums in iTunes

itunesOne of the more common questions we get about iTunes is “why do some albums get split up?” The reason is that one or more songs on the album are credited to a different artist. For example, on Phil Collins’ Hits album, every song is credited to Phil Collins except for one, Separate Lives. The artist on that track is Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. Reuniting the tracks into one album is fairly simple. Select all the tracks in the album, right-click, and select Get Info. In the Album Artist field, type the name of the primary artist. In our example, this should be Phil Collins. Once you click OK, your album will be reunited.

iTunes offers a slightly different technique for compilation albums. Imagine you had an album containing the greatest hits of the 70s. Since this might have tracks by the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and Fleetwood Mac, using an Album Artist wouldn’t make sense. Here’s what to do. Select all your tracks and do a Get Info. Buried under the Options screen is the Part of a compilation drop-down. Set it to Yes and click OK. Voila, your compilation is now one album!

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