Common infrastructure issues

Here are some infrastructure issues I frequently find at new clients:

  • Either no backup solution is in place, or backups are handled manually. Unfortunately, many companies decide to employ a backup solution after data is lost. Be proactive.
  • Wireless networking is used even though all computers are in the same room as a switch or router. While it’s convenient to connect computers using wi-fi, you can get up to 5 times the networking speed using gigabit ethernet.
  • File sharing isn’t used, or it’s configured without appropriate security controls.
  • Administrator accounts are used for staff members who don’t need them.
  • Machines are running an old version of OS X. In general, Apple provides updates and security patches for the current OS and the previous OS. If you’re running Leopard or Snow Leopard, it’s time to upgrade. Mountain Lion will be released in a few months.
  • DSL is used for internet service. While DSL was considered fast 10 years ago, it’s much slower than other services available in NYC.

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