For most of the history of personal computing, large companies shunned Macs because there were few tools available to manage hundreds or thousands of computers. Large companies have scalability… Read more »

Questionable advice

  I came across the advice of a Mac consultant who wrote that you should restart your Mac once or twice daily to prevent your Mac from slowing down. This… Read more »

Is the Find command psychic?

Have you ever used the Find command in an OS X application and found that the word you want to search for has already been entered into the search field?… Read more »

Notes syncing with Mountain Lion

Under Mountain Lion, Apple removed the ability to sync notes between your Mac and iOS devices without iCloud. This option used to be available on the iTunes “info” panel for… Read more »

Mountain Lion bugs

I’ve encountered the following bugs on my Mac Pro running 10.8. Feel free to comment on the bugs you’re experiencing. Incoming notification sound does not always play. Spontaneous wake-ups… Read more »

Mountain Lion

Assuming your software and hardware are compatible with Mountain Lion, it’s a no-brainer upgrade. For $20, you’ll get a nice set of new features. Before you upgrade, check the following… Read more »

Safari slow after booting Mac

Many of you have probably experienced glacial Safari performance right after booting your Mac. This is due to a flurry of hard drive activity. A simple solution to this problem is… Read more »

Apple ID management

There are two annoyances with Apple IDs that Apple hasn’t addressed. 1. Many users have two distinct Apple IDs – one for iCloud and the other for iTunes purchases. While… Read more »