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FaceTime microphone input bug


Yosemite introduced a bug that impacts a relatively small group of Mac users, including myself. I use a Mac Pro with a Logitech USB webcam. Mac Pros don’t have a built-in microphone, so I use the webcam for sound input. This configuration generally works fine throughout Yosemite, except for FaceTime. There is a microphone input setting on the Video menu dropdown. While I can set this to “Logitech Camera” it reverts back to “Digital In” after restarting the Mac. Annoying! This bug is present in 10.2.2. If it ever gets fixed, I’ll update the post.

Apple’s QA testers sometimes don’t catch issues that impact Pro users. In Snow Leopard, the volume keys on the keyboard didn’t work after putting the Mac Pro to sleep and waking it back up. The majority of Mac users don’t use external speakers, and Apple apparently didn’t use them in its regression testing. It took months for the bug to finally be addressed.

Update: This bug was fixed in El Capitan!

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