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Ditching Adobe Flash on the Mac



While I’ve kept Flash updated religiously over the years, last month I finally reached the point where the plugin was adversely impacting my Mac Pro’s performance. So I uninstalled Flash. This rectified the stutters and I eliminated one of the Mac’s most vulnerability-plagued pieces of software. Here’s a list of vulnerabilities that have been discovered in Flash over the years.

I tried disabling Flash a few years ago, but much of the web didn’t function correctly. Today, this is no longer the case. Note that there are a handful of sites that still won’t work without Flash. I will keep this post updated as needed with a list of sites that require Flash. If you must use a web site that requires Flash, use Chrome. It has a sandboxed version of Flash built in.

Adobe Flash plugin required:

  • CNNgo
  • Google Play music player
  • BBC News videos
  • Vudu
  • Hulu

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