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New 24-inch iMac

On April 20, Apple announced the completely redesigned 24-inch iMac, replacing the 21.5-inch models. Overall, it’s a very impressive machine. It has an incredibly thin design and offers high-end features, such as spacial audio and a 1080p FaceTime camera.

There are two slightly disappointing deviations from my predictions. First, the new iMac still includes the chin. I wouldn’t call the chin unsightly, but ditching the chin would have provided a more streamlined look. Apple kept the chin to keep the iMac thin. Instead of placing all of the computer’s parts behind the monitor, they are housed in the chin area. The second disappointment is that the iMac doesn’t use a new desktop-specific CPU for better performance than portable Mac models. With that said, the M1 is no slouch. We can expect a CPU with more cores in the 27-inch iMac replacement later this year.

For those considering the new iMac, I recommend buying a configuration with Touch ID. Unlocking your Mac with your fingerprint is a major convenience. Face ID is a good bet for future iterations of the iMac.

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