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iPhone swollen battery


The Samsung Note 7 has been making headlines due to its exploding batteries. In fact, today Samsung officially stopped production of the model. While Apple hasn’t experienced such a spectacular PR nightmare, its batteries haven’t been immune to failure. Case in point: My iPhone 5S battery recently began to swell. I knew something was wrong when the backlight changed brightness depending on where I touched the screen. Upon closer examination, the screen was actually bulging from the case.

If you experience a swollen battery, bring your phone to the Apple store immediately! A battery swells due to expanding gasses – not a benign situation. A puncture can result in a fire or an explosion. In my case, Apple swapped my three-year-old phone for a new 5S. I was charged $79, which is the battery replacement fee for out-of-warranty units. Note that there is a program to replace certain iPhone 5 swollen batteries at no cost. This program does not apply to the 5S.

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