iOS devices


Apple just released a new tool to manage iOS devices called Configurator. In terms of features, it fits between the simple iPhone Configuration Utility and the more heavyweight Profile Manager solution in OS X Lion Server. Configurator can prepare up to 30 devices at once. The preparation includes configuration profiles and a list of apps to be installed. Optionally, a backup image of a device can be installed across all devices, essentially creating a “standard build” for your users.

Devices can be marked as “supervised.” Supervised devices can only be managed by the Mac running Configurator. The iOS device can have its configuration reapplied at any time when reconnected to the Configurator Mac.

Configurator has a nifty feature allowing iOS devices to be checked out to individual users. When a device is checked out, that user’s settings and documents are automatically downloaded to the device. When the device is checked back in, the settings are saved back onto the Mac.

Configurator can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

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