macOS Server

MacMaven Consulting provides installation and support services for macOS Server. The Server includes extremely important functionality for your business, namely Profile Manager and Open Directory. These services will greatly improve the security of your workstations and iOS devices, as well as address many regulatory requirements.

  • Profile Manager – This service manages your Macs and iOS device settings via configuration profiles. All settings are centrally managed, then pushed out to your devices. Many security options can be applied, such as blocking USB ports on your Macs and restricting access to system preferences.
  • Open Directory – This service is a centralized LDAP directory to authenticate your employees. Open Directory allows them to log into any Mac in your office. Once logged in, users will have Kerberos single sign-on to file shares on your Server. Open Directory can enforce password complexity on your Macs, a requirement of many security frameworks.

Our macOS Server kickstart service includes the following:

  • Security analysis
  • Installation of macOS Server on one or two Macs
  • Open Directory and Profile Manager configuration
  • Enrollment of employee Macs into Profile Manager
  • Conversion of employee local accounts to network accounts
  • Optionally, a file sharing service for your team

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