We do enterprise tech!

One of the key differences between MacMaven Consulting and run-of-the-mill Mac tech support is that we regularly implement enterprise technologies. Here are some examples:

  • Linux and Windows are used without hesitation. While macOS is fantastic for most of our clients’ needs, some applications and services are best run on other operating systems.
  • An in-house certificate authority is used to sign X.509 certificates used on internal servers.
  • Information security regulatory requirements are implemented, from soup to nuts. When’s the last time you heard of a Mac consultancy that configured Windows GPOs?
  • The ELK stack (Elasticsearch) collects your office’s log files and facilitates analysis. Log collection is vital in enterprise environments and may be a regulatory requirement.
  • MDM is used to manage and lock down Apple devices.
  • Wi-Fi access points are deployed to provide fast, reliable coverage throughout your office or large home.
  • Email anti-spoofing technologies are frequently omitted or incorrectly configured by other consultancies. MacMaven remediates these mistakes so that email systems throughout the world can determine if messages sent from your domain are legitimate.

Of course if your business has more mainstream needs, like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, we’d be glad to take care of it.

The likelihood that your graphic-designer-turned-Mac-consultant can implement (let alone understand) enterprise technologies is slim. Always have a discussion about a consultant’s professional background before hiring.

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