Contec pulse oximeter review

For coronavirus preparedness, I ordered a Contec pulse oximeter (model CMS50NA) from a Chinese web site called AliExpress. AliExpress is the Chinese equivalent of eBay or Amazon Marketplace. The order was placed on April 1 from the CONTECMED Manufacture Store on AliExpress. As of April 19, I still don’t have the pulse oximeter to review.

Shipping was offered from both China and the United States. Of course I selected shipping from Contec’s United States warehouse. The CONTECMED Manufacture Store guaranteed delivery in eight days or I would receive a full refund.

You know where this is going. The pulse oximeter was shipped from China. Due to the coronavirus, shipping is extremely delayed. It could take several more weeks, possibly months, for delivery. I questioned the CONTECMED Manufacture Store why the oximeter was shipped from China when I specifically selected US shipping. The agent admitted that there was no US stock when I ordered it. She did not offer to ship a unit from the US, even though US stock was supposedly available when we chatted. She told me to file a dispute with AliExpress for a refund.

AliExpress has a convoluted dispute process which is not customer-friendly. By US standards, it’s draconian. The customer only has one chance to file a dispute, even if there are several issues with the purchase. AliExpress customers are often faced with sellers that unilaterally extend the shipping deadline, further prolonging the wait.

I will file the dispute shortly and update blog post with developments.

4/21/20 – With the assistance of an AliExpress support agent, I opened a dispute against Contec Medical last night. I provided screen shots of my order and the conversation with Contec’s rep as evidence. As of 12:30 PM today, I have not heard back from Contec.

4/23/20 – Positive news today. Contec decided to refund my purchase. Thank you, Contec, for doing the right thing. Now the refund needs to be processed through AliExpress.

4/24/20 – I received my refund through PayPal today.

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