macOS Server

MacMaven Consulting provides installation and support services for macOS Server. We will work with you to meet your business needs. Here’s a partial list of the functionality that macOS Server can bring to your office:

  • NetInstall – Deploy customized macOS builds over your network.
  • Profile Manager – Manage your Macs and iOS device settings with configuration profiles. Also known as mobile device management (MDM). When you make a change on a centralized console, the configuration gets pushed out to all your devices!
  • VPN – Without any additional networking hardware, Virtual Private Network functionality allows your staff to securely connect to your office from anywhere in the world.
  • Open Directory – A centralized LDAP directory to store user credentials. (Without this solution, credentials are stored on each Mac locally.) Open Directory allows users to log into any Mac in your office. Once logged in, users will get Kerberos single sign-on to services on your network.
  • iCal Server – Provide a shared calendar with events, meetings, and to-dos for everyone in your office. For use with Macs and iOS devices.
  • Address Book Server – Provide your staff a shared address book, also for use with Macs, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Wiki – Run your own easy-to-use collaborative web site.
  • Mail server – For those offices wanting an alternative to Exchange, Kerio, or outsourced email hosting, macOS server offers an inexpensive SMTP solution.
  • iChat server – Run a private instant messaging server based on the Jabber protocol.

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