T-Mobile announces iPhone 5 availability

On April 12, T-Mobile will carry the iPhone 5. This is a big deal because the phone will be offered contract-free. Under the Simple Choice plan, the service will cost… Read more »

Free music from the New York Public Library

If you have a library card from the New York Public Library, you can download three free MP3s a week from the Freegal Music site. While the music selection isn’t… Read more »

Is the Find command psychic?

Have you ever used the Find command in an OS X application and found that the word you want to search for has already been entered into the search field?… Read more »

Apple lawsuit update

Back in November, I wrote a blog post about the SIM deactivation issue on Verizon iPads. In a nutshell, Apple’s web advertising is deceptive. Apple claims that the cellular data… Read more »

Window Tidy

Windows 7 introduced a feature to keep your windows organized, called Snap. It allows you to quickly arrange two windows side-by-side, filling up the entire screen. This feature wasn’t critical… Read more »

OS X Server – NetInstall

  When you’re responsible for rolling out tens or hundreds of Macs in your company, an automated build process is necessary. Could you imagine having to configure each machine individually,… Read more »

Dell U2713HM monitor review

I managed to snag a Dell U2713HM monitor for about $450, with a combination of discounts. The retail price for this 27″ 2560×1440 monitor is $799. While you can find… Read more »

Verizon iPad SIM card deactivation

If you’re considering buying an iPad for use on the Verizon network, or already own one, the following is extremely important. Apple advertises that cellular service for the iPad can… Read more »

Memory options for 2012 iMacs

The 2012 iMacs are about to be released. Before you place your order, it’s important to know the memory options for each model. The memory is not user accessible on the 21.5″… Read more »

VPN on OS X Server

Telecommuting has become a viable option for employees of many large companies thanks to the availability of remote access technologies. You might have heard of some of these technologies –… Read more »