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Memory options for 2012 iMacs

The 2012 iMacs are about to be released. Before you place your order, it’s important to know the memory options for each model. The memory is not user accessible on the 21.5″… Read more »

VPN on OS X Server

Telecommuting has become a viable option for employees of many large companies thanks to the availability of remote access technologies. You might have heard of some of these technologies –… Read more »

Parallels 8 First Impressions

Parallels Desktop 8 offers many enhancements over version 7. Most of the improvements have been covered by the various media outlets already, so this post won’t be a typical review…. Read more »

Two great utilities

iStat Menus is a lightweight system monitoring tool that displays a wealth of information right in your menu bar. At a glance, I can see my Mac’s CPU temperature, network… Read more »

Local vs Cloud backup

Many of our clients ask about cloud backup solutions. Cloud is a marketing buzzword, so it’s important to understand why a cloud backup solution may or may not be right… Read more »

Apple Brand Value

According to Interbrand, Apple is now the 2nd most valuable brand in the world. While this isn’t a very surprising finding, I’ll add a personal story. I was in a… Read more »

Time Warner Cable modem rental fee

If you use TWC for your internet service, you probably received a post card saying that you will be charged a $3.95 per month modem rental fee. This is essentially… Read more »

Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

There’s been a lot of discussion on the interwebs about the Lightning to 30-pin adapters. Charging $29 or $39 for these adapters, on the surface, seems like a major rip-off…. Read more »

Notes syncing with Mountain Lion

Under Mountain Lion, Apple removed the ability to sync notes between your Mac and iOS devices without iCloud. This option used to be available on the iTunes “info” panel for… Read more »

Mountain Lion bugs

I’ve encountered the following bugs on my Mac Pro running 10.8. Feel free to comment on the bugs you’re experiencing. Incoming mail.app notification sound does not always play. Spontaneous wake-ups… Read more »